magiClass comes with Success Kit lessons in 

   Mathematics and Science​​

NeuLog is a set of independent computer based modules, complete with a data logger, flash memory anda sensor – all in one single smart unit.

This autonomous plug-and-play concept allows for an easy, precise and fun way of conducting classroom and field experiments.

One software for any platform by wire or by WiFi. PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad and smartphones.

is an interactive voting system that operates within the normal classroom. The system enables to navigate the lesson in the most efficient way, by examining the student's comprehension at the main junctions of the lesson, reducing knowledge gaps, increasing attentiveness and improving class achievements.

The magiClass system can be used for asking multiple-answers questions at any junction of the lesson, to rehearse former lessons, to learn common mistakes, to stimulate discussions with survey questions, to practice homework and many more.

With magiClass you no longer communicate with a few above average students, but with the whole class. No more wasting time on unnecessary material and from now on you are free to give all your focus where it is most needed.

Degem Systems product line Supplies pioneering and world leadering of training and educational systems.

Degem Systems state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies and unique computer-based approach rank the Company in the forefront of its field.  ​

Degem Systems product line offers the most complete line available, ranging from systems to turnkey projects of professional training systems for technical schools, universities and industry.

 Knowledge and enrichment  in Science, technology, art,  music and language  training  systems for ages 5-16

 Response system with  intuitive clickers for all  schools

​ Logger sensors for science  experiments for all


SES Product Lines

SES Scientific Educational Systems develops, manufactures and markets world wide educational training systems.

SES covers universities, colleges, high schools, vocational schools, secondary schools and primary schools studying programs. ​

​Each training system covers a complete course in Electronics, Telecommunication, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, System control, Process Control,  Mechanics,Mechatronics, Robotics, Autotronics, Science & Technology.

SES products are off the shelf and are course modular systems. They can be adapted to Various types of curricula and laboratories. ​SES also answers turn key project requirements.

​​MultiCenter is an interactive science and technology learning center.
Its aim is to enrich the academic content s offered by the formal education system for students at ages 5-16.

MultiCenter offers a variety of selected Interactive Learning
Environments, within a large range of topics including:

  • Kid Competence Improvement
  • Robotics
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Music
  • English
  • Science
  • Technology Preparation​

The Multicenter can be organized as a multidisciplinary
laboratory for team work.
Each of the Multicenter products can be installed in a separate
laboratory for study and exercise in parallel.

The syllabus of the MultiCenter consists of courses and activities that are suitable for different age groups (both children and adults).

MultiCenter introduces 7 exciting learning environments:

 Professional training for  universities, colleges and  vocational schools

Response System with Success Kit

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