Students of all ages are introduced to the world of digital graphics, image processing and animation.

Students become acquainted with different artistic concepts and develop a visual language and self-expression.

​The studies include basic experiments in light with Neulog sensors and accessory kits.
MultiRobotics is a computerized learning environment that combines processes of problem-solving, building mechanical models (withplastic components), and their operation by programming software.

​The MultiRobotics through aenvironment encourages logical thinking in different fields oftechnology.


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K-First is a computerized learning
environment for children ages 5-8.
Children enrich their basic knowledge in:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Arts
  • Road safety
  • Transportation
  • ​ and much more
A computer learning environment dedicated to the study of the English language.
The MultiLingua environment offers a total learning solution for:

  • A wide range of ages – elementary school up to high school
  • Beginner to advanced levels and correlated to international​ standards
The system is based on K’nex building components and special extra sensors and LEDs.

​The programming is done using a special software and a unique controller.
Cognitive and motor skills are developed as they work through activities that stimulate creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving abilities.

K-First is based on an interactive most friendly software and a unique sensebox with an internal camera, sensors and keys.

Using the sensebox, the software identifies the modules on the box and reactsto the box distance, temperature and sound sensors.
K-FIRST and “SENSESBOX“ are unique way in which childern and teachers play & learn in an interactive environment 
In this learning environment students perform online and offline experiments with a varieth of digital sensors and the NeuLog controller.

After performing the experiments, students analyze their results withthe NeuLog software.

MultiScience environment is a highly effective educational solution for improving the students’ understanding of nature rules and fulfilling their natural curiosity instinct.

MultiScience environment include experiments in fields of: Physics, Biology, Chemistry.



For technology exposure with high level, easy to use and problem solving approach Tech
Prep Systems. Courseware of each system is based on friendly interactive software covering
the theory and experiments.


​​MultiCenter is an interactive science and technology learning center.
Its aim is to enrich the academic content s offered by the formal education system for students at ages 5-16.

MultiCenter offers a variety of selected Interactive Learning
Environments, within a large range of topics including:

  • Kid Competence Improvement
  • Robotics
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Music
  • English
  • Science
  • Technology Preparation​

The Multicenter can be organized as a multidisciplinary
laboratory for team work.
Each of the Multicenter products can be installed in a separate
laboratory for study and exercise in parallel.



Students of all ages learn to compose, arrange and recordtheir own music.

Through the interactive software and by using the midi keyboard, participants learn about musical instruments, musical composition, and how to create and record songsin teams.

​Students also learn about various musical styles and structures. Newly composed melodies are saved and uploaded to the internet.

​The studies include basic experiments in sound with Neulog sensors and accessory kits.